Jiangsu YDF Valve solemnly held the 20th Anniversary Celebration& New Trademark Unveiling Ceremony

Autumn in October, Tan Kwai fragrance, inthis harvest season, October 11, YDF Valve ushered in the celebration of the20th anniversary of the founding and the unveiling ceremony of YDF newtrademark.

Usersand suppliers from home and abroad, local government, Jiangsu Valve AssociationSecretariat and relevant leaders of the valves industry held two grandcelebrations with the employees of the valves on the same day. In the morning,a celebration of the 20th anniversary and the unveiling of the new YDFtrademark of the valves were held in the square of YDF Valve . In the joy ofdragon and lion dancing, dragon and tiger leaping, began with the celebrationceremony, the celebration reached its climax. The chairman of the board ofdirectors of YDF Valve and the main leaders of the local government made a warmcelebration speech. Then, a promotional film of YDF Valve was broadcast, and anew trademark YDF of company with open significance was held on the electronicscreen.