Petrobras 69 delivered smoothly,YDF was icing on the cake

Recently, the news of the successful delivery of P69 has attracted wide attention in the petroleum industry. P69 is a floating production, storage and unloading unit (FPSO) built for Brazilian Petroleum Corporation, which is called "offshore oil factory" in the industry. It is an offshore oil and gas development system whose system complexity and price are much higher than those of the same tonnage tanker. It is also an important part of high-tech products in ocean engineering ships.            
YDF valves have been in partnership with Petrobras since 2010. So far, YDF valves have received offshore orders from Petrobras for more than $20 million, providing valve products including ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves and check valves. Brazilian Petroleum Corporation is a monopoly state-owned Petroleum Company in Brazil. It not only participates in the formulation and implementation of petroleum policies, but also controls the exploration, development, production, transportation and management of Brazilian petroleum enterprises. Petrobras, with 11.7 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, ranks fourth in the global oil industry and is a powerful and influential company in the global oil industry.
YDF valves not only provide valves for P69, but also for P70, P75, P77, P74 and P67 of Brazilian Petroleum. Valves need to be installed in technology-intensive, highly complex marine engineering, so the requirements of quality and safety performance are very high. The products of YDF valves have been tested layer by layer, and fully meet the technical and safety requirements of owners. In the delivery process of P75 and P77, YDF valves actively help customers to put forward various solutions, complete orders in advance with quality and quantity, and have been praised by buyers and third parties. The buyer confers the honor of strategic cooperative supplier of YDF valves.            
On January 3, 2017, P69 FPSO delivered smoothly and slowly pulled away from Zhoushan Zhongyuan Shipping Terminal to start her mission, which also means the successful delivery of the largest new FPSO project in China. The success of this project also embodies the hard work and efforts of YDF. YDF Valve YDF was icing on the cake for the beautiful P69 FPSO. In the future, more projects loaded with YDF products will be put into operation. YDF valves will always adhere to the principle of "quality is life" to provide customers with high-quality valve products.