YDF Shut-downvalve on offshore Production Platform

Offshore platform is the one most important facility in oilfield development, it has been widely used in the world. Marine working environment is so complex that the safety of operators & facilities, and protection of marine environment shall be considered besides of production efficiency. Accordingly, Emergency shut-down system is come out, and it is an important milestone for oilfields platform.

From the view of long-term development, Shutdown valve is satisfy with safety requirement in the process of production, it not only reduce the demand of imported product, but also it prompts &upgradethe level of Chinese manufacturing/fabricating.

More than 80 professional engineers are working in YDF various departments(R&D, design, quality, production, etc.), they provides completed solution on technical, quality and any other special demand from client. YDF invested lots of advanced machining equipment, special test facilities, and the test lab qualified by CNAS, following tests can be performed in-house, such ashigh pressure gas test, cryogenic test, high temperature, fugitive emission test, vacuum test, life test, fire safe test, etc. YDF VALVES is committed to provide high quality industrial valves, creating competitive advantage for our customers.

YDF Shutdown Valve has SIL 3 certificates & fire-safe certificates. YDF has great experience of shutdown valve in marine conditions, hundreds of YDF shutdown valves inclusive of manual operation & actuated operation were supplied for offshore oilfields and FPSO, and successfully passed commissioning test and running well. Pneumatic actuated valves included metal seated ball valve (floating & trunnion), high performance butterfly valve. Motor /Hydraulic actuated valve included floating & trunnion ball valve (soft/metal seated).

As mentioned in the beginning, Emergency shutoff system roles an important system on offshore oil platform, any emergency affair can be detected through remote camera, itensure the safety of people, facility and prevent environmental pollution, accident & lost are decreased accordingly. As a key technical development subject, YDF engineering team aim to provide customer completed solution of high performance valves.