Carry out sports for employees and carry forward the combatant spirit of YDF Valve

On November 12, the 2021 employees' sports meeting of YDF Valve was grandly held. This year's workers' sports meeting was held at the critical moment when the national epidemic entered the normalization of prevention and control and the work of YDF Valve entered the final sprint throughout the year. This employees' sports meeting is a sports event with "large scale, high specifications, complete projects and large number of participants". It is composed of YDF Valve, YDF Foundry, YDF Suzhou, YDF America and YDF Sub Vendors. At the same time, ten representative teams such as Bank of Suzhou, Bank of Nanjing, industrial bank, construction bank and Dafeng rural commercial bank are invited. There are 198 participants, including nine events such as basketball, table tennis, badminton, chess and rope skipping.

Joy with sweat, combat brings success. This sports meeting demonstrates the sports spirit of each representative team "striving hard, healthy and upward". It fully demonstrates the high spirit and good spiritual outlook of the YDF employees, who are aggressive, arduous and brave to climb the peak. The competition has achieved a level and even a style. Particularly, the bank teams invited to participate in the competition showed the style of financiers, brotherly friendship and close relationship between banks and enterprises.

Through fierce competition, a total of 10 first prizes, 20 second prizes and 20 third prizes were produced. At the closing ceremony, Li Changyue, chairman of YDF Valve, presented awards to the winning teams and athletes respectively. And called on everyone to implement the "cooperation concept, collective concept, fighting spirit and competition consciousness" inspired by the games into their daily work and life in the future, take the initiative and actively devote themselves to their own work, so as to focus on the current and the coming year on the one hand.