YDF Valve held a special training meeting on "winning at the middle level"

On November 13, Jiangsu YDF Valve Co., Ltd. at the critical moment of the final sprint of all work throughout the year, in view of the actual situation of middle-level cadres that "old methods didn't work and new methods don't know how to work", Professor Xu Zheng, a practical expert of Chinese enterprises, was specially invited to conduct a full day special training for 85 middle-level cadres such as YDF Valve, YDF Foundry and YDF Suzhou company—— "Win in the middle-level". The content of this training course is practical and close to work, so that everyone can learn content and work goals. Think in training and feel in learning. Teacher Xu Zheng has many interactive links in his one-day training, constantly asking questions for everyone to think. The answer was open-ended. Everyone spoke actively and had a heated discussion. The atmosphere was very lively and enlightening.

First of all, we deepened our understanding in the communication and fully realized that learning power determines innovation, execution, competitiveness and leadership. Learning power is the root of a big tree, that is, the root of an enterprise's life. This is not only the need of work, but also the need of self-development. Through learning, it improves the personality charm of middle-level managers.

Secondly, through this training and learning, we have made clear the three responsibilities of middle-level managers: Form a connecting link between the preceding and the following, take what our forebears have left us but as a departure for new inventions, and connecting the point with the surface. Clarify the life skills of middle-level managers: deal with the relationship with their superiors, deal with the relationship with their peers, and deal with the relationship with their subordinates. As a middle-level leader, we should take the lead and set an example.

Thirdly, in practical work, we should think about the source of our leadership. When we first took office, we were in a position and power. Afterwards, we should gradually rely on our relationships and feelings with our subordinates, our achievements and prestige, and our team goals and personal charm. As a middle-level leader, you need to set clear goals for your team, etc.

In a word, through this training and learning, the responsibility of middle-level leaders, the source of leadership, how to deal with differences in work, the language wisdom of middle-level managers, how to build an effective team, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, etc., have cleared up the work ideas, and stimulated the initiative and enthusiasm of middle-level managers to "grasp the current with one hand and grasp the next year with one hand". I believe it will be of great help to our future work.