YDF Valve on the national "2023 5G Factory List"

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Information and Communication made public the "2023 5G Factory List”, YDF Valve is on the list, becoming the first valve company in Yancheng City to be selected in the List.

China has achieved positive results by accelerating the innovation and development of "5G+Industrial Internet", creating a Chinese brand of 5G factories and promoting the construction of 5G factories. Recommended by the provincial departments of industry and information technology, communications authority and industrial Internet strategy consulting expert committee review, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to approve 300 projects into the List, a public announcement was made by the community to monitor. Only three valve companies in the country were selected for the "2023 5G Factory List" project, and these three companies are also the first batch of valve manufactories in China's valve industry to carry out the “5G Intelligent Factory” project.

YDF Valve is the first valve manufacturer to carry out the “5G Intelligent Factory” project. Based on China Mobile 5G network and industrial Internet platform, YDF Valve takes its’ equipment date and business date as basis to realize the integration of IT and OT, and to build up the data management system and production and operation index management system. The specific contents are: energy consumption monitoring management, 5G pressure test online monitoring, equipment networking, DNC management, production execution management, production quality control, visualization stock change, production operation reports, industrial safety and environment system development, intelligent management of safety production. The economic benefits brought to the company for the integration of IT and OT: product defective rate reduced by 10%, manual operation time reduced by 30%, the average production and operation cost reduced by 8.5%, warehouse management personnel workload reduced by 40%, etc. With the implementation of this project, product quality and production efficiency have been significantly improved, which also has promoted the high-quality development of the company.