Production Safety Training in YDF Valve

In order to improve the staff's safety awareness and safety operation skills, to ensure that employees have the production safety knowledge required to perform their work, master the production safety rules and regulations and safety operation procedures, prevent safety accidents, ensure safe production, improve work efficiency, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of staff, YDF Valve organized the production safety knowledge training, and vigorously publicized the safety policy of  " safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management". The training was held on July 16, 2022, in the company's office building on the first floor of the multimedia conference hall, the company's management and all the staff attended it. 

Li Changyue, presidente of YDF Valve, attaches great importance to the training work, requiring the company management to pay attention to safety, the implementation of the production safety responsibility system, to establish a sense of safety red line, adhere to the bottom line of safety, and to create a safe production atmosphere. EHS Manager Zhu Jianhua organized the implementation of safety training, actively cooperated with the training work, and strictly in accordance with the plan for training. Employees responded positively and participated in the training with great enthusiasm. In accordance with the company's requirements, the lecturer prepared the relevant lesson plans, the training content was diverse and targeted, systematically taught the knowledge of modern enterprise safety management, inculcated the staff with advanced safety concepts, introduced the relevant laws and regulations in detail, and combined with other units of a real case to analyze the causes of accidents, to educate everyone to take precautions before the event, to improve the awareness of accident prevention and the ability to reduce or eliminate accidents. Employees listened, watched and memorized carefully, and received real results. 

The training company used the sign-in, explanation, on-site questions and other ways to stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of all employees, but also strengthen the staff's awareness of safety precautions, the purpose is to achieve the company's "zero accidents in the production of safety" goal.