Production Safety Training in YDF Valve

On October 28, 2023, Jiangsu YDF Valve, in the case of urgent production tasks still shut down for 1 day to hold Production Safety Training, the main participants are Shangzhuang Safety Supervision Bureau Xu Feng, group general manager He Yongqing, deputy general manager Sun Delin, deputy general manager Wang Guan, EHS manager Zhu Jianhua and other members of the group leadership team. The training was divided into two sessions, the morning session was aimed at grassroots employees, and the content of the training was the basic knowledge of safety skills risk identification and emergency response at the production site. The afternoon session was aimed at the management of the company, and the content of the training was a series of safety management methods such as safety laws and regulations, safety system construction.

Production safety is the eternal theme of social development, is the true meaning of all work. Safety is a prerequisite for the development of companies, which is closely related to the development of company. If the companies wants to seek greater development and obtain a wider market, they must effectively grasp the work safety, fully implement the production safety responsibility system, and curb the occurrence of production safety accidents in order to create better economic benefits.